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Shiping Partener Has Been Changed To DHL

Text: [Big] [middle][small] Release date: 2015-5-11  Views: 765

Due to recent decitions from our superior company HD Supply, we are going to have DHL International Supply Chain aka DHL ISC as our new shiping partener. This change was taken place from April 27th 2015 and the new shiping will be initated in the next few days. Please note that the DHL ISC shipment management systems will be different in few ways:

1, PO tracking is now available from GT Nexus ( Http://www.gtnexus.com/).

2, The booking can now go through DHL local booking team and asisted by local support team.

3, Relative document can be managed and controled by DHL ISC.


As HD Supply Home Improvement Solution's china sourcing team, we are going to establish a positive relationship with DHL ISC to garantee a safer and faster shipment for future orders!